Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amelia Janet

So I know, I know I never get on here anymore. I am really bad at this blogging thing I guess but as always, I will try and do better.

We started the new year off with a BANG by welcoming a new baby. Amelia was born on January 3, 2012 at 6:50pm. She weighed 7lbs. 5.3 oz and was 19 3/4 in. long.

The birth story...

After months and months of pre-labor and being in and out of the hospital, once she could finally come, she wouldn't! So we scheduled an induction. At the time Matt was waiting to be called out to work so we were hoping and praying that he wouldn't miss her arrival. My induction date was the 3rd of January. We woke up early, around 4:30, on the morning of the third. We had to be at the hospital by 5:30. We packed everything up and went to start the car and it wouldn't go! We ended up calling our friend Brandy to come and get us. (She was watching the boys for us while I was in the hospital.) Once we finally got to the hospital and I'd gotten my IV and done my paperwork I was given medicine to help get things going. ( I had been swiped at my Doctor's appointment the week before.) This was around 7:30. After a few hours of no real contractions the Doctor was going to break my water but couldn't. The baby was still high and I still wasn't dilated past a 1. :( So they gave me some more medicine and after about an hour I started having regular contractions. So much so that I asked for some help with the pain. (This was probably around 3pm. With the help of the medicine I was able to nap for an hour or so before the contractions became painful again. The nurses prepared to give me some more medicine (but not my epidural.) By then it was too late. The contractions were a minute a part and unbearable. I asked for my epidural and they told me they were waiting on the anaesthesiologist. I could see the nurse prepping the items the anaesthesiologist would need. Meanwhile my water broke. Then the anaesthesiologist came in. They sat me up and I tried to be patient while he tried to stick a needle in my back. It was very hard as my contractions were unbearably painful and I hadn't expected to be able to feel them and would sorta freak out every time one would come. (There was a lot of screaming!) Once they had given me my epidural I remember asking how long it would take to kick in. Then I could feel the baby. I screamed at the nurse because I knew she was coming out. The nurse looked down and said, " There's her head, someone get the Doctor!" I am still waiting for the medicine to kick in while I watch my Doctor wash her hand and prep to deliver the baby. She came over and Amelia plopped into her lap. No pushing or anything. (Guess she was sick of hanging there waiting. )

My labor with Amelia was hard, very hard and I can't see why anyone would refuse the drugs after having her the way I did. It was traumatizing and I have to say I'm already a little nervous about having another one. That's not to say it wasn't worth it, because it absolutely was. She was worth the pain and screaming and unbearable contractions. The nurses must not have believed me when I told them how it would go. I'm really slow at the start, until I get to about a 4, then it goes lightning fast and the babies here. I am just greatful it didn't last any longer than it did.
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