Friday, April 30, 2010

Tristan Shenanigans!

Well things have been pretty slow around here. Matt is working in Louisiana and I am waiting for the baby to get here. We were visiting Matt's parents and got these video's of Tristan. He loves to play under the kitchen table. It's like his own jungle gym. We have also been teaching him how to walk. He is so close. It won't be long now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Since these posts' have all been out of order and written months too late it's hard to keep everything straight. Mathew has been in Louisiana for almost a month now and me and Tristan just got back from there after a week long visit. He is hoping to get called to work this week.

I am now about 31 weeks along with our second baby boy, Ethan. I will be staying with my Parent's until he gets here. I can't move until then because there is no guarantee that Matt won't be working and I am too far along to try and transfer insurance and everything else to a new state. So we are stuck. Matt in Louisiana and me in Pasco. We are very excited for this little guy to get here and hope that he comes in time for Daddy to be there. We know the Lord knows what he is doing and this baby will come at the perfect time, just like Tristan did.

Graduation & Moving

Since Christmas it has been pretty dull around here. Valentine's Day was fun. Mathew and I got to go to the Temple together with our ward. It was the first time we had been since our wedding. The ward provided childcare and Matt didn't have to work. It was a great Valentine's present to be with my husband in the Temple. I hope we will be able to go more often.

At the end of February Mathew graduated from The Divers Institute of Technology. It's been so much fun to be in Seattle and have this little adventure. We are excited to move back home. We miss all of our friends and our wonderful ward in Seattle. It was a great experience and we are grateful to have met all the wonderful people and make such great friends.

Matt graduated the 25th of February and we moved back to the Tri-Cities on the 26th. With the help of our family. Since then Mathew has driven down to Louisiana and gotten a job with Blackwater Diving. He left the beginning of March and has since been down there waiting to get called out. I am living in Pasco at my Parent's house with the baby.

Christmas 2009

So I have decided that I need to try and keep this thing updated. To do so I have to go back a few months and fill everything in. For Christmas we traveled back home to see the family. We've gotten real familiar with the roads between Pasco and Seattle. I love Christmas time. Lucky for us Mathew was able to get work off so that we could be with the family for Christmas Eve and join in the celebration. It's always great to see everyone. We were able to stay for about a week before having to go back to Seattle. Tristan loved all his presents and was rather fond of the bows on top of all the boxes. His favorite toy has been the little green bear named 'Scout.' He talks and plays bedtime music ( which has been the best) and can be plugged into the computer and personalized. We had a very full car on the way home. We are so grateful for the gifts and love and support that out families continue to give us.