Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

So I have decided that I need to try and keep this thing updated. To do so I have to go back a few months and fill everything in. For Christmas we traveled back home to see the family. We've gotten real familiar with the roads between Pasco and Seattle. I love Christmas time. Lucky for us Mathew was able to get work off so that we could be with the family for Christmas Eve and join in the celebration. It's always great to see everyone. We were able to stay for about a week before having to go back to Seattle. Tristan loved all his presents and was rather fond of the bows on top of all the boxes. His favorite toy has been the little green bear named 'Scout.' He talks and plays bedtime music ( which has been the best) and can be plugged into the computer and personalized. We had a very full car on the way home. We are so grateful for the gifts and love and support that out families continue to give us.

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