Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Since these posts' have all been out of order and written months too late it's hard to keep everything straight. Mathew has been in Louisiana for almost a month now and me and Tristan just got back from there after a week long visit. He is hoping to get called to work this week.

I am now about 31 weeks along with our second baby boy, Ethan. I will be staying with my Parent's until he gets here. I can't move until then because there is no guarantee that Matt won't be working and I am too far along to try and transfer insurance and everything else to a new state. So we are stuck. Matt in Louisiana and me in Pasco. We are very excited for this little guy to get here and hope that he comes in time for Daddy to be there. We know the Lord knows what he is doing and this baby will come at the perfect time, just like Tristan did.

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