Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here it goes again, another week in Seattle. This weeks been pretty mellow but Sunday was interesting. We did the meet and greet with the new bishopric and got some callings. Together Me and Mathew teach the CTR 6 class in Primary and I am also the ward music director. That's right I lead the music like my mom did in sacrament. I thought it was kind of a funny coincidence.

It has been nice though, since it has given me something to do while I am at home. I think it's lucky I have so much time to prepare. We were just happy they didn't ask us to speak too. I really like getting to choose the songs we are going to sing. I love going through the hymn book and figuring out which songs will work the best. As for our Primary class, there is also another teacher in the class with us. His name is Bro. Stoker (wonder if he's related to Danny?), and he is teaching next week while we get settled. There are 12 kids in the class, so I am sure we will all be busy; especially with Tristan being with us.

Mathew did try his hand at cooking these past few days and I think I could happily hand that responsibility right over. He is really good at it and he loves to make things from scratch. It seems like I am always at the grocery store getting the items for that nights surprise dish. It's fun and it's nice to have a break. Now if he would just get on those dirty diapers. ;)

Today I decided to be daring (and since I was sick of being stuck in the apartment); I tried driving the car. Yep, Matt's stubborn stick shift. The greatest part was that I did pretty well. I have been practicing now and again. I only had to restart once and though the ride is still a little bumpy, I'd say I did a good job. I got all the way to Target and Ross and then home again in one piece. Tristan even took a nap on the way home, so it couldn't have been that bad. It felt good to get further than our block and the other cars were surprisingly nice. No one even honked, many happily went around when I was going too slow. In all, I was proud of myself. :)

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