Monday, August 24, 2009

We went to the Tri-Cities last weekend for some friends weddings and to visit family. It was a ton of fun! This is Tristan playing at the Wicks while we were there. I was very excited to go home and see everyone. I went to the Erin Anderson's wedding and reception and I have to say it was great being in the temple. There truly is nothing like it. It was amazing how many couples got married that week-end too. We heard of lots of weddings and got to go to the Banks reception.

Also, I got to see Sadie, which was amazing! I hadn't seen her since my wedding and it was great to catch up and visit. The trip was the best and I was sad when we had to leave. We will have to go home again. Hopefully for Thanksgiving and Christmas, if the roads aren't terrible.

I know I haven't written in awhile so i need to do some catching up! Before we visited family, they came to see us. First it was because of the crazy heat wave we were having and our dire need for an air conditioner! Luckily for us my Uncle had one he could spare, so my Mother-In-Law brought it up along with one she had gotten for us! We were so happy to have not only one, but two air conditioners to help keep us cool.

Along with her were my two sisters and younger brother Jacob. She stayed the week-end but they stayed until the whole week with us. It was a party, let me tell you! We played endless rounds of Uno and went everywhere we could think of. Including the beach, park, lake, gun wall and pike place market. We also made pizza and had tons of fun being together!

The next week-end my family came up to get the kids and have our first ever Marley Family Reunion! Which was awesome. Mom and Dad got a hotel room and my brother and his family stayed with us. It was so much fun to have everyone up here with us. We went shopping, to the movies, out to dinner and swimming a the hotel. It was the best Birthday ever! They stayed that weekend and then they all went home in time for church on Sunday.

Now we are up to date with this past month. Up to last week-end at least. This week-end Mathew's friend Eddie has been visiting while doing some tests for the Fire Department. It's been nice for Matt to have a guy to hang out with. All in all, it's been a great month. Church is going great; and our primary class is wonderful. We are getting ready to go on a ward camp-out this week-end on Bainbridge Island and Matt is doing well in school. It has been a great month! :)

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