Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long time, No talk!

Well, I sure haven't been keeping up with this like I was hoping I would. So as usual I'm gonna give the short version. Tristan is a walking and talking machine. Ethan already tries to roll over and only likes to be on his belly. Mathew went out on a boat and was out for a month before coming home for a visit.

Matt came on the first and stayed until the 18th. While he was here we all went to the cabin as a family trip. Mathew, the boys and I went down a day before the rest of the family. We left on Friday and they followed on Saturday. Because it was Labor Day week end they stayed until Monday and we traveled back through Spokane and stayed a night in hopes to catch some diving companies and see if anyone was hiring. [Mathew is hoping to find a job closer to me and the boys.] We had a blast! The boys went kayaking. We went to Ione and rode the train and got some delicious monster ice cream cones. We also drove around spotting deer and visited the Caves. It was nice to get away all together. It's the only vacation we've been on all together with the babies.

Train Ride


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