Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camano Island and Friday Harbor

This last week-end we decided on a whim to go camping. Mathew loves to check out all the Islands around Seattle, so we decided we would pick one and go camping. We waited until Tristan had his nap and then set off. We drove north and stopped at Wal-Mart to get a tent and other little camping necessities. Then we aimlessly drove around and tried to decide which island we wanted to stay at.

Eventually we decided that we would stay on Camano Island. Once we got onto the island we drove until we found the state park with it's wonderful campground. They had a nice set up at the park so we paid for our spot and then set up camp. After we went to check out the beach. I have to say that one of the best parts about living in Seattle are all of the beaches. It was beautiful and peaceful. We watched the sunset and then headed back to camp to put the baby to bed.

One of my favorite parts of camping is watching all the stars at night. It's wonderful because you are away from city lights and can really see the stars. The next morning we woke up early(, thanks to Tristan) and headed out. We decided that since we were so close we would go to Anacortes and take the ferry to The San Juan Islands. It's was a nice drive and we love all the green plants and old highways.

Once we got to Anacortes, we parked and then had to run to buy our tickets and catch the ferry on time. We decided to go to Friday Harbor. This is another thing I like about living in Seattle; all the ferry rides. It was a beautiful ride to the island and the weather couldn't have been better. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking in the little shops and exploring Friday Harbor. Then we caught the five o'clock ferry and headed home. It was great to get out and explore.

Sunday was great. We watched Stake Conference and I thought it was awesome that we got to hear the prophet speak. It was an uplifting meeting. Not long after we went to our Bringing Baby Home class. This is a class that we do every Sunday with other couples in our ward that are about to have kids or have recently had a child. It is to help with the transition to parenthood, not only with a new baby but with our relationships with our spouses. I am learning a lot and enjoy the class very much. After we went to a couple in our wards home for dinner and games. It was a wonderful week-end.

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