Saturday, September 19, 2009

Matt found a job!

Well, this week has gone by fast! The weather is finally staying pretty cool around here which is just how I like it. Mathew has had two job interviews this week and we just found out that he has a job! YAY... It has been so hard trying to find him a job down here but we finally found him one at a local Pizza Hut no less. It's such a blessing not to have to worry about that. He starts this coming Wednesday. On a sadder note the boys have been sick these past couple of days. Mathew more so than the baby but it has still been hard. It's a good thing it happened toward the end of the week and he didn't have to miss any school. Fortunately I haven't gotten sick and they seem to be getting better quickly.


  1. Hey, a job's a job. Congratulations on finding one. These are some tough times we are living in and whatever pays the bills, right? Good to hear it. I hope everyone feels better real soon!

  2. It's great. He worked there while going to school back home. He enjoys it and it's not too difficult which is nice since school can be so exhausting. We are very grateful that he found this job.