Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

So this last weekend my in laws came up to visit along with my brother in law. As always a family visit is code for let the party begin! We started by going to The Smith Tower in Downtown Seattle. It has some really great views, but my favorite part is the elevator. They still use the original and its awesome to be able to see each of the floors as you pass them. You can see all kinds of things from the observation deck. Like where the bums sleep, Safeco and Quest Fields, The Space Needle and there is an awesome view of the Pier.

Then we went to Pioneer Park. We walked through the little shops and took lots of pictures. After we went to our favorite little Chinese place in China Town called Kau Kau. It has the best BBQ Pork ever! After, we walked through Post Alley past the Gum Wall to shop around at Pike Place Market. After all that we had to high tale it home so Matt could get to work on time. While Matt was at work we hung out and watched a movie.

The next day we got up and couldn't decide what we wanted to do. Some wanted to go to the Beach, others on a ferry ride. We were discussing it while driving when we passed a sign for he Zoo and we all agreed that that would be fun. I love the Zoo. I love to look at all the animals and see how all of their homes vary. Its amazing to see all of the things that God created. Some of the animals don't seem real to me. They are just too beautiful. We tried to take as many pictures as possible before the batteries died. Here are some of my favorites, and proof that God don't make no junk:

This one's for my sisters. :)
The Penguin

Mommy and Baby Gorilla

The Jaguar

Boa Constrictor
He reminded me of the snake in The Jungle Book

The Hippo
What a magnificent animal.
He almost dosen't seem real.

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