Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, this post is way late. This year was Tristan's first Halloween. We went downtown to get him a new costume because the bat one was not crawlable. He was a Penguin and a rather cute one at that. We bought him the costume for five bucks and then decided to let him wear it, since it was Halloween and all. As we were walking through the mall we got stopped and given a $10 shopping card for having our baby dressed up. Then they told us about the costume contest. We stuck around for the hour it took and we ended up winning! The prize was a $50 Macy's gift card. It's was awesome.
Later that afternoon we went to the church for some Trunk or Treating. It was fun to play the games and see all the cute costumes. Since Matt was at work Tristan and I went to my friend Kathryn's house for dinner. It was lots of fun. The best part was that Matt got off early enough to join us once dinner was ready. It was a great Halloween.

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