Monday, May 24, 2010

Are we there yet?

Well the count down has begun! I am 36 weeks along and ready for little Ethan to get here. I had an ultrasound done about a week ago and Ethan is looking good. He is big too. They were concerned for a while about his weight but when we went in they estimated his weight to be over 6lbs already. He will definitely be as big as his brother was. We have everything ready for him now. I have put his clothes and diapers away and we have his stroller and car seat all ready to go. All I have to do now is go get his cradle from my Mother-in -law. We are very excited for him to get here. I know people are itching for a belly picture so here you go!

On a different note, Mathew got called out today. He is going on a bigger boat and should be out a few weeks. It's nice because he was getting tired of working inland but sad because he won't be here for the baby's birth. So I am on my own for this one. :( It will be best in the long run because you never know when a call will come or how long it will last. We will be moving to be with Matt once little Ethan is a month or so old. It will all depend on how long it takes to find a place in Louisiana. I am very excited that Ethan will be here so soon and that we will all be able to be together as a family again. It's been hard being without my husband for so long and I know Tristan is sure missing his Daddy. Having Ethan come and being reunited will sure be a great start to our summer.

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  1. You look great Bonnie! I'm excited for you and your family to be together.